GAGOC Visits to MAIGOC 2007-08-28  MAIGOC

  The Vice Mayor of Guangzhou Municipal Government and Executive Deputy Secretary General of GAGOC Xu Ruisheng headed 13 representatives from the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee (GAGOC) to Macao yesterday (28th Aug) for a 2-day visit to the 2nd Macao Asian Indoor Games Organising Committee (MAIGOC), gaining a better understanding of the preparation on the hosting of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games. GAGOC will be accompanied by MAIGOC to visit the Secretary for Social Affairs & Culture Dr. Fernando Chui Sai On, the Macao East Asian Games Dome and the Macao Stadium which will hold the opening ceremony of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games.

  Apart from visiting the Headquarters of MAIGOC, GAGOC also got to the Bowling Centre and the Macao International Shooting Range to pay a special visit, gaining a deeper comprehension of the criteria of the scale, function and technology system of competition and training venues. Departments from MAIGOC shared the experience on organizing the accommodation, transportation, promotion, media service, cultural activities, marketing and sponsor projects with the corresponding departments from GAGOC. The operation of venues on and after the Games and the experience earned from the successful cooperation with CTM were also stated.

  Xu Ruisheng expressed his gratitude to MAIGOC for receiving GAGOC delegation in spite of the busiest time of preparing for the sport games. He hopes to have more opportunities to share experiences with MAIGOC so as to learn from their experience of hosting multi-sport games. Although there is difference between Asian Games and Asian Indoor Games, the sport spirit has no difference between indoor and open-air. Meanwhile, both of the cities are situated along the mouth of Pearl River. With the same origin, together they can achieve more.

  The Chairman of MAIGOC Manuel Silvério, showed his warm welcome to GAGOC delegation, had deeply comprehended the mood and pressure while organizing the 4th East Asian Games and 1st Lusofonia Games. Through the visit from GAGOC, sharing the experience and introducing the preparation on hosting the sport games, he hoped to concretize the mission of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games and carry it out with more conscientious and careful attitude.

  In addition, GAGOC anticipated sending out some observation, promotion and study delegations to Macao, hoping to enlarge the scope of the promotion of the Guangzhou Asian Games through participation at the Asian Indoor Games. Both organizing committees considered that the opening of the Games in October will be the second important stage for both of them to exchange experience again.

  During the visit, GAGOC and MAIGOC exchanged souvenirs with each other. MAIGOC presented GAGOC the official reports of the 4th EAG and 1st Lusofonia Games as reference material for GAGOC. In return, GAGOC presented to MAIGOC a painting of the traditional Chinese “Hundred Family Names”, implying that Guangzhou and Macao are a family, and they hoped that MAIGOC could visit Guangzhou soon.

  The 2nd Asian Indoor Games will be hosted in Macao, commencing from 26 October to 3 November 2007, composed with 17 competing sports and 3 demonstration sports.