CCTV as Host Broadcaster of the Asian Indoor Games 2007-08-19  MAIGOC

  A signingceremony was held between MAIGOC and China Central Television (CCTV) lastSaturday (18 August) in Beijing, officially marking the national station as theMacau 2007, 2nd Asian Indoor Games “Official Host Broadcaster”,“Official Broadcaster”, “Official Sponsor” and the production unit of the Openingand Closing Ceremony.CCTV VicePresident Sun Yusheng affirmed that CCTV will fully support the television broadcastingas well as the Opening and Closing of the Indoor Games.

  Alsorepresenting the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) as Vice President, MAIGOCChairman of the Board of Directors Manuel Silvério signed the “2nd Asian Indoor GamesHost Broadcaster Agreement” with CCTV Vice President Sun Yusheng, the “2ndAsian Indoor Games Broadcast and Sponsorship Agreement” with CCTV Sports VicePresident Zhou Jing, and the “2nd Asian Indoor Games Opening andClosing Production Contract” with General Manager Gao Xiaoping of CCTVsubsidiary company China Television Media.Manuel Silvério thankedCCTV, and especially the Sports Program Centre and the Arts Program Centre, fortheir continuous support in the last three years.“The OCA and MAIGOC are committed to provideall necessary support to CCTV as the Host Broadcaster in signalproduction.On the other hand, ofcourse, we are also as much committed to support CCTV’s coverage of the Gamesas our Official Broadcaster,” said Manuel Silvério.

  Manuel Silvério remarked that CCTV signing off as Asian IndoorGames Official Sponsor is an indication of progresses made along theexperiences garnished in the last two years.CCTV will be sponsoring promotional airtime for the Asian Indoor Games,and also part of the Host Broadcasting.

  Aside frommembers from MAIGOC Board of Directors, CCTV Broadcast and Transmission CentreDirector Chen Mo, and CCTV Arts Program Centre Director Zhang Xiaohai werepresent at the ceremony.