Coca-cola signs agreement to support the 2nd Asian Indoor Games 2007-06-14  MAIGOC

  Macau – 14th June2007: The Olympic Councilof Asia (OCA) and the Macao 2007, 2nd Asian Indoor GamesOrganising Committee (MAIGOC) signed on Macau Coca-Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. to the Games Sponsorship Program granting the rights to Coca Cola and Bonaqua as the official soft drinks andwater of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games. Under the agreement Macau Coca-ColaBeverage Co., Ltd. will providewater and soft drinks to 40,000 VIPs, officials, athletes, media, volunteersand staff, distribute vending machines and coolers along the sports venues, andsupply complimentary delivery services. In addition Macau Coca-Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. will also design a thematicpackaging for Coca-Cola enriching the Game’s logo and core elements.

  Manuel Silvério representing OCAvice-president also Chairman of Board of Directors of MAIGOC expressedconfidence in the collaboration, which he added “We areprivileged to have this international brand, Coca-Cola, supporting the Beijing2008 Olympic Games, Torch Relay and the 2nd Asian Indoor Games; itmeans a great deal to both the Olympic Council of Asia and MAIGOC, to have thisvery committed partner onboard, not only because our mutual collaboration addsprestige to the Games, it furthers highlight the commercial value of thisinnovative and relatively new event!"

  On behalf of MAIGOC, Director for International Affairs, Promotion and Marketing Isabel da Silva further stated, "The partnership with the pioneering brand,Coca-Cola brings with it not only the best qualityproducts, but also the highest level of supporting services to this edition ofthe Asian Indoor Games! Indeed, this collaboration is very much inline with the innovative plans andlong-term strategy laid out by the Olympic Council of Asia, and from theperspective of the Olympic Council of Asia, the hope is certainly to have thiscollaboration developed into a more long-term relationship in the future!”

  On behalf of the Macau Coca-Cola Beverage Co., Ltd., General Manager Jonathan Lamexpressed “I amvery proud to the fact that Macau isgoing to host another regional sports event, after the huge success of the Macau 4th East Asian Games and the 1stLusofonia Games in the past two years.”

  Mr. Jonathan Lam also underscored“I believe the strong advertising campaign as well as the professionalarrangement of the organizing committee will make the Games brighten everycorner of the town. Last but not least, we wish the 2nd Asian IndoorGames a great success!”

  The MacauCoca-Cola Beverage Co., Ltd., serving Macau since 1949, is a bottlingsystem member that belongs to the Coca-Cola Greater China (China, Taiwan,Hong Kong and Macau) region. They are the biggest beverage company and the dominate beveragemarketer with the highest market share, market coverage and penetration,numbers of beverage system establishment in Macau SAR. This company as been a long standing supporter ofseveral high profile sporting events such as the Macau 2005, 4thEast Asian Games and is proud to contribute to Macau's largest sporting event.

  The AsianIndoor Games is an exciting multi-sport event created by the OlympicCouncil of Asia (OCA). The unique sportsmeet is composed of sports that are not included in the Asian Games or theOlympic Games but have strong popularity and potential. The program is aimed atencouraging a higher level of participation among the youth of Asia through a greater variety of sports that places emphasis on the leisure andentertainment aspects of the sport.

  Organized biannually, the secondedition of the Asian Indoor Games will be hosted in Macao China,commencing from 26 October to 3 November 2007. The innovative and appealingsport program consists of 17 competing sports and 2 demonstration sports, withparticipation from 45 countries from all regions of Asia.