Macau Beer signs on as the Official Sponsor of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games 2007-06-13  MAIGOC


  Macao – 13th June, 2007:The OlympicCouncil of Asia (OCA) and the Macao 2ndAsian Indoor Games Organizing Committee (MAIGOC)have signed a sponsorship agreementwith Macau Beer Limited Company, Macau'spremium local beer which bears the name of the hosting city of 2ndAsian Indoor Games.Under the agreement,Macau Beer will be the Official Beer of the Macau 2007, 2ndAsian Indoor Games.

  On behalf of MAIGOC, Director for International Affairs, Promotion andMarketing Isabel da Silva welcomes MacauBeer onboard the 2nd Asian Indoor Games Sponsorship Program, anexcitement which is shared by the OlympicCouncil of Asia.“It is of greatsignificance that we receive the support from local companies for the 2nd Asian Indoor Games. Thisagain reflects the confidence and commercial value Macao’s business community has on thisinnovative event!MAIGOC looks forwardto working closely with Macau Beer in co-promoting their quality product andthe Asian Indoor Games to the region, and the world. ”

  On behalf of Macau Beer Limited Company,General Manager Kenya Matsuura thanked the Macaogovernment for their support of hosting the Games as one of its many progressiveefforts to create opportunities for local development whilst building the imageof Macao.Kenya Matsuura commented, “We feel a sense ofpride and responsibility to demonstrate our support for such a high profileevent which will raise the international image of Macao.Our sponsorship is a reiteration of our company commitment and values tosupport the local economy and promote the city of Macao.We are also planning to release special product packaging featuring theGames' marks to help build awareness for the event and for everyone to join inthe spirit of the Games ".

  As theOfficial Beer of the Games, Macau Beer will be served exclusively at VIPhospitality functions and events held in conjunction with the Games.Kenya Matsuura further added, "The AsianIndoor Games provides the unique opportunity to showcase Macao's charm and hospitality – and MacauBeer to the world.”

  Macau Beer was established in 1996 as the only local branded beer and is areflection of Macaoculture.It is a high-quality premium beerwith a "Euro-Asian" image,representing Chinese heritage that still holds true to its European rootswhilst capturing the luxurious aura of Macao.In recent years, Macau Beer has gainedincreasing popularity on the international stage which also helps to promotethe city of Macao.

  Organized biennially, the second edition of theAsian Indoor Games will be hosted in Macao China, commencing from 26 October to3 November 2007, consisting of 17 competing sports and 2 demonstration sports,with expected NOC participation from 45 countries throughout all regions of Asia.