Air Macau signs on as the Official Airline of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games 2007-04-03  MAIGOC

  Macau 2007, 2nd Asian Indoor GamesOrganising Committee (MAIGOC) Chairmanof Board of Directors Mr. Manuel Silvério, Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) Director General andTechnical Director Mr Husain Al-Musallam, and Air Macau Chief Executive Officer Mr.David H.J. Fei signed a sponsorship agreement yesterday (3 April) to announce Air Macau as theOfficial Sponsor and Official Airline of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games.

  “This partnership willfurther boost the promotional cooperation between MAIGOC and Air Macau for the 2ndAsian Indoor Games and the various events organized for Games,” remarked Mr. Manuel Silvério.

  “The support of Air Macauas the Official Airline of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games is greatly welcomed.Airlines play a significant role in thesuccess of any international sporting event and will ensure that MAIGOCdelivers a high standard of airline service to participating athletes, officials,spectators and media representatives” commented Mr. Husain Al-Musallam.

  “Air Macauis committed to support major international events contributing to localeconomic development and cultural exchanges.We have also been working closely with the organising committeein the past as the official carrier for the 4th East Asian Games,”said Mr.David H .J. Fei.

  MAIGOC will be receiving participants from 45countries and regions across Asia, and also from the international sportscircle, at the 2nd Asian Indoor Games to be held this coming October26 to November 3, the largest international sports meet of highest standardsand biggest participation Macaohas ever seen.

  “As the 2nd Indoor Games approaches andthe preparations are nearly finished we are very pleased to welcome Air Macauaboard our team. Considering the magnitude of the Games, and Air Macau’sreputation, we believe this agreement represents an important partnership for the2nd Asian Indoor Games Marketing Program” said Mr. Manuel Silvério.

  “The 2nd Asian Indoor Games is a local andinternational sporting event, and the backing from Air Macau indicates that thelocal community is supporting and receptive to welcoming the Games.Today’s agreement with Air Macau is the firststep towards fulfilling the Organising Committee’s needs of airline support andis the first in a series of sponsorship agreements that we intend to announcewith other leading local corporations and internationally renowned brands thatwill contribute to the 2nd Asian Indoor Games Macau 2007” said Mr Husain Al-Musallam.

  Mr.David H .J. Fei also underscored:“Air Macau hopes to bring in much more visitors to the brilliant Games and leadthem to have a taste of what features Macao- East meets West.”

  Establishedon 13 September 1994, the regional airline carrier Air Macau provides transportationservices to 2.4 million passengers last year. With the average fleet age of 3.5years, the fleet of Air Macau is theyoungest team in Asia. . At the moment, it isoperating to destinations including Beijing, Chengdu, Guilin, Haikou, Sanya, Kunming, Nanjing, Shanghai,Shenzhen, Xiamen, Hangzhou,Changsha, Guiyang,Manila, Seoul,Busan, Bangkok, Kaohsiungand Taipei.