2nd Asian Indoor Games and 1st Lusofonia Games road show concluded with satisfaction 2006-07-29  MAIGOC

  MAIGOC’s six-dayroad show promotion at the SenateSquare came to an end yesterday (July 29), aftersuccessfully catching people’s eyes and involvements.COJOL believes the activity has furtherdeepened people’s recognition on the 1st Lusofonia Games thisOctober and the 2nd Asian Indoor Games next year.

  Alongsidewith the black-and-white introduction of the two sports festivities in thebooth, the road show also tried to catch passers-by’s attentions by fourinteresting prize games, which are specially designed to highlight the themesof the Lusofonia Games and the Asian Indoor Games in an amusing way.

  This is MAIGOC’s anotheroutdoor promotion activity after the one early this month. Great efforts in theprevious six days become even worthwhile as more volunteers were attracted toenroll on the scene; making an encouraging figure of 1,500 until present forthe 1st Lusofonia Games.