2nd Asian Indoor Games preparation builds on solid foundation 2006-04-19  MAIGOC

  Participants in “The 2nd Meeting of the OCA Coordination Committee for the 2nd Asian Indoor Games” are confident in the success of the Games in 2007.

  Manuel Silvério, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Macao 2nd Asian Indoor Games Organising Committee (MAIGOC) said that with the resources and experience acquired in the 4th East Asian Games, MAIGOC is capable of hosting a successful 2nd Asian Indoor Games.

  Wei Jizhong, Chairman of OCA Sports Committee, remarked said that MAIGOC has been organising the Games according to the OCA Charter, therefore he has no doubt in the success of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games. He also pointed out that the 4th East Asian Games has endowed Macau with modern sport infrastructure and a team of experienced staff in Games organization, which equip Macau to host an excellent edition of Asian Indoor Games, and thus upgrade Macau from the host of a Games for East Asia to the host of a Games for the whole Asian Region.

  Manuel Silvério also told the media that preparations for the Games have been proceeding on schedule by the same team which organized the East Asian Games. In the near future, MAIGOC will launch volunteer program and establish Security Working Group and Medical Services Working Group through cooperation with related government departments. As far as competition is concerned, except from organizing the Coordination Meeting to promote co-operation and communication with all related Sports Federations, MAIGOC will adopt the Code of World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to ensure a clean and fair Games.

  In an effort to encourage all the 45 member countries and regions of OCA to join the 2nd Asian Indoor Games, popularize the significance of the Games in Asia and encourage higher participation of youth in the Games, MAIGOC will be working closely with OCA to promote the Games extensively in a series of seminars to be held across Asia in the coming months.

  The Games will run for 9 days from 26th October to 3rd November 2007, during which athletes will compete in 15 sports. Given that some of the sports, such as Indoor Athletics, Indoor Hockey, Extreme Sports and Electronic Sports are new in Macau, MAIGOC will organize test events in this and next year to rehearse operation of these sports.

  According to Timothy Fok, Vice President of OCA and Chairman of the OCA Coordination Committee for the 2nd Asian Indoor Games, the method for the organization of multi-sport events is ever changing, and it is the inclusion of both traditional sports and new elements that makes the Asian Indoor Games unique and innovative. OCA hopes that the Games can encourage more young people to partake in physically and physiologically beneficial activities. He also believed that with quality sport venues for the Games, multi-cultural environment and precious experience garnered in the 4th East Asian Games, Macau can make the 2nd Asian Indoor Games a brilliant success.