The Secretary for Social and Cultural Affairs of the Macau S.A.R., Mr. Fernando Chui Sai On officiated at the opening ceremony of the Macau 2nd Asian Indoor Games Organising Committee Co. (MAIGOC) office yesterday (02/08/2004).

  Located at Rua de Desporto nos. 185-195 in Taipa, the MAIGOC operates correspondingly as the Macau 4th East Asian Games Organising Committee (MEAGOC). The revelation of the commemorative plate by Mr. Fernando Chui Sai On marked the commencement of the activities of MAIGOC, followed by the inauguration of its communications system between Macau and Asia, in particular of the Olympic Council of Asia and the representatives of the Olympic Committees of the 45 Asian countries and territories involved.

  After the ceremony Mr. Manuel Silvério, President of MAIGOC, presented the installation as well as the promotional video of the Macau 2nd Asian Indoor Games to all guests present.

  To be held in succession to Macau’s another grand occasion, the Macau East Asian Games in 2005, the work of the MAIGOC will be able to manifest Macau’s competence to host world class sports event, and will furthermore demonstrate the vitality of Macau. In addition, it also promotes resources increment

  The Macau 2nd Asian Indoor Games Organising Committee Co. (MAIGOC) has also called for its first General Assembly on the same day, in which the 2004 work schedules were discussed.